BioPharma Dealmakers November 2015 edition

The latest November edition of BioPharma Dealmakers features spotlight articles on dermatology partnering, the resurgence of antibiotics and the next-generation of antibody platforms. Alongside these pieces we feature a series of innovative company profiles focusing on these therapeutic areas.

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Read about the companies looking for partnerships from our November edition -

Atopix Therapeutics Ltd

Leo Pharma A/S

DermTech Inc

Lipidor AB

Helperby Therapeutics Ltd

Pharco Corporation


Sphere Fluidics

International Stem Cell Corporation

Read the in-depth partnering features from our November edition -

Putting skin in the partnering game

Antibiotic dealmaking poised for resurgence

Next-generation antibody platforms come of age

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Raveena Bhambra

Editor, BioPharma Dealmakers , Nature Research

Hello all, I am the Editor of BioPharma Dealmakers, a quarterly publication that assists companies in identifying potential partners in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and appears in both Nature Biotechnology and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. I am very passionate about the biopharma industry and have over 15 years of experience of working in the field, specifically in dealmaking, partnering and licensing. In my previous roles I have conducted partner searches identifying both products/technologies and partners for clients, and have edited and written dealmaking-focused reports.

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