Amunix unveils next-generation immunooncologic cancer therapy platform

A novel immunotherapy with extended serum half-life in a prodrug delivery format holds promise for overcoming the limitations of current BiTE therapies to treat a broad range of malignancies. To download the full article please sign in.

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Amunix is an industry leader in the discovery and development of long-acting protein- and peptide therapeutics. Founded in 2006, Amunix’ pipeline products are based on its proprietary XTEN® half-life extension, XDC drug-conjugate delivery and ProTIA pro-drug, bispecific T cell engager platform technologies. Located in Mountain View, CA, Amunix is progressing the development of its internal pipeline and also has ongoing collaborations with a number of established and emerging biopharma corporations harnessing these delivery technologies in a wide range of therapeutic areas, delivering improved pharmaceutical safety, efficacy and dosing.

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