Restorative therapeutics for ALS and diabetes

Applying a unique approach, Kadimastem is developing stem-cell-based therapies for life-threatening diseases.

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Kadimastem is a regenerative medicine company focused on industrial development and commercialization of stem cell-based therapeutics. Kadimastem's proprietary technologies enable differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into either insulin-secreting beta cells, or neuro-glial cells (including astrocytes and oligodendrocytes). Based on its differentiation technologies, Kadimastem is advancing two therapeutic programs. In diabetes, islet cells derived from large-scale stem cell cultures will be implanted to patients to restore glucose control without need for insulin injections. In the neurodegenerative disease ALS, stem cell-derived astrocytes will be injected in the cerebrospinal fluid reducing motoneuron death, slowing disease progression.

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