Driving the evolution of health care wearables

Nanowear Inc. has developed next-generation nanosensors for applications in health care and beyond. Building on its first US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for an undergarment that captures multichannel electrocardiograms, Nanowear is now developing a garment to monitor congestive heart failure.

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Nanowear is a wearable technology platform for medical diagnostics and chronic disease management based on the Company’s proprietary invention of textile-based nanosensors. Nanowear’s flagship product, SimpleSense, is the first-of-its-kind, non-invasive wearable garment for disease management of Congestive Heart Failure. SimpleSense uses these cloth-based, FDA-cleared (Class II) nanosensors to capture multi-channel ECG, Heart-rate variability, Respiratory Rate, Impedance Cardiography (stroke volume / cardiac output), thoracic impedance, actigraphy and cardio-phonography (S3 and S4 detection). Nanowear’s platform algorithmically scores the combination of these metrics for a unique, daily SimpleSense score alerting physicians and caretakers of advanced decompensating heart failure, reducing hospital admissions due to heart failure events. Nanowear’s proprietary sensor technology can also be licensed as a sensor consumable for already-built healthcare products in need of medical-grade sensor technology where exponentially higher signal-to-noise- ratios show capture is unaffected by body hair, moisture, sweat, and motion artifact is significantly reduced.

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