Redefining cancer therapy with photoimmunotherapy

Aspyrian Therapeutics’ photoimmunotherapy destroys tumors and activates anticancer immunological response. With its first drug candidate RM-1929, Aspyrian is expected to enter phase 3 multinational trials in early 2018.

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Aspyrian Therapeutics

Aspyrian Therapeutics is a clinical stage oncology company developing novel precision-targeted therapies based on the photoimmunotherapy technology (PIT) platform. PIT utilizes antibody conjugates that accumulate at the tumor after systemic infusion and can be activated with light to induce rapid, specific, and robust tumor destruction. PIT causes immunogenic cell death of the cancer cells and can lead to activation of innate and adaptive anti-cancer immune responses. In addition, PIT conjugates can be designed to target and destroy tumor immunosuppressive cells located at the tumor microenvironment resulting in activation of cytotoxic NK and T-cells that destroy the localized and disseminated tumors. Aspyrian’s first PIT drug product, RM-1929, is currently in Phase 1/2 clinical trials to treat terminal head and neck cancer patients that have failed all existing therapies. Aspyrian intends to develop RM-1929 as a monotherapy and in combination with immune modulators.

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