Oxford Vacmedix Ltd.: harnessing the power of immunotherapy to treat and monitor cancer

A new platform built around recombinant overlapping peptides (ROPs) promises quicker and cheaper production of more effective therapeutic vaccines and diagnostics for cancer and viral infections.

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Oxford Vacmedix

Oxford Vacmedix was established in 2012 as a spinout from Oxford University. Its aim is to develop therapeutic and diagnostic agents for the treatment and monitoring of cancer based on the invention of Dr Shisong Jiang - Recombinant Overlapping Peptides (ROP). These agents are an exciting new way to deliver immunotherapy which is now a major focus in the treatment of cancer, making it easier to deliver, more effective and much more economical. The company currently has two candidates in development. One targeting HPV for cervical cancer and one against Survivin/IAP for a range of solid tumours.

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