Leading innovative biologic and smallmolecule therapeutic development in Russia

BIOCAD, the leading Russian biotechnology company, owns a robust portfolio of globally marketed products and is focusing its efforts on research and development of novel compounds and biologics, primarily for oncology. Building on its national leadership position, the company is seeking to expand its international presence through joint clinical development partnerships.

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BIOCAD is Russia's leading innovative biotechnology company; it combines a world-class research and development center, ultra-modern pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturing facilities, as well as preclinical and clinical research infrastructure compliant with international standards. BIOCAD is one of the world's few full-cycle drug development and manufacturing companies, from new molecule discovery and genetic engineering to large-scale commercial production and marketing support. BIOCAD`s medicines are dedicated to treat complex health conditions such as cancer, HIV and Hepatitis C infections, multiple sclerosis and other disorders.

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