Leveraging novel chemistry to inhibit previously undruggable DUB targets

Attracting both investors and big pharma, Mission Therapeutics is targeting a range of unmet medical needs, including Parkinson’s disease, with its unique deubiquitylating enzyme (DUB) platform.

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Mission Therapeutics

Mission Therapeutics is an early-stage drug development company targeting the ubiquitin pathway for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease, fibrosis, inflammation, cancer and other diseases of unmet need. The Company has built a leading platform for the discovery and development of first-in-class, small-molecule drugs that selectively target deubiquitylating enzymes (DUBs) – an emerging drug class that is attracting significant commercial interest in the area of protein homeostasis. The Company has raised $125M from investors Imperial Innovations, Pfizer Venture Investments, Roche Venture Fund, Sofinnova Partners, SR One and Woodford Patient Capital Trust. Mission is based at the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge, UK.

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