Step change in oncology diagnostics

Arquer Diagnostics is developing a series of innovative, non-invasive tests for cancer and recently launched ADXBLADDER, a reliable urine test for bladder cancer.

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Arquer Diagnostics

Arquer Diagnostics (Arquer) is a private, UK-based company specialising in the development of innovative, non-invasive oncological diagnostic solutions. Our vision is to inspire transformational change in the field of oncology diagnostics, through the development and commercialisation of novel assays. Passion is in our DNA, and our mission at Arquer is to leverage the years of scientific expertise, integrity and knowledge of our team to deliver cost effective, evidence-based oncology diagnostic solutions. By sequencing the MCM5 antibody, Arquer have been able to develop an exclusive, patented technology for diagnostics in bladder and prostate cancer. The Arquer MCM5 test has been studied for over 12 years – the vast majority of which was spent developing a strong assay and validating and testing the accuracy of the test. Based in Sunderland, Arquer has established itself as a centre of excellence for biotech in the North-East of England, bringing commercial growth and scientific opportunities to the area.

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