CANscript: clinically validated oncology drug efficacy platform

Mitra Biotech is advancing CANscript, a fully human, clinically validated, ex vivo platform for oncology drug programs. Mitra is looking to expand its broad network of pharma and biotech collaborators to further advance promising oncology candidates to and through the clinic.

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Mitra Biotech

Mitra Biotech is a global leader in advancing truly personalized oncology treatment. The company’s CANscript™ platform recreates a patient’s own tumor microenvironment in vitro, measures multiple parameters to determine whether a tumor is responding to customer selected treatments, and then converts these parameters into a single score that predicts clinical response to each of the customer selected therapies. CANscript delivers powerful, individualized treatment response predictions — with exceptionally high correlation to clinical outcomes — to inform patient-specific cancer treatment selection and support more effective and efficient cancer drug development. Founded in 2010, Mitra is headquartered in Greater Boston and maintains a significant research and laboratory presence in Bengaluru, India.

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