Leading innovation in bone regeneration

With its innovative bone graft scaffold, GreenBone Ortho srl is well on its way to becoming a worldwide leader in bone regeneration.

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GreenBone Ortho

GreenBone Ortho srl is a start up founded in 2014 and located in Faenza (Italy). GreenBone is developing a highly innovative, bone regenerating, load-bearing implants to treat severe fractures and conditions such as trauma and tumours that result in extensive bone loss. The company’s patented technology transforms Bamboo into an established, widely used biomaterial, hydroxyapatite, to provide a bone graft scaffold with unique and never achieved so far mechanical strength, weight bearing and bone regeneration properties needed for large implants. New functional bone formation with GreenBone has been demonstrated in vitro and in vivo. GreenBone will begin human studies early 2017 in patients with non-healing (non-union) critical size fractures. The company is led by a world class team that has advanced multiple orthopaedic products from bench-to-market.

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