Mining parasite evolution to create inflammatory disease drugs

Sweden-based Aptahem is on its way to redefining the treatment of sepsis and other life-threatening inflammatory diseases.

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Aptahem AB is a Swedish-based biotechnology company that develops innovative aptamer-based drugs targeting inflammation and coagulation for the treatment of life-threatening conditions. The portfolio under development consists of multifunctional aptamer (synthetic constructed nucleic acid polymers) drug candidates with anti-coagulant, immunostimulant and anti-inflammatory properties. The company’s primary pharmaceutical candidate, Apta-1, is being developed with the aim of preventing the high mortality rate caused by the severe inflammatory response that leads to organ and tissue damage in sepsis patients. The multi-functional profile of Apta-1 has shown to improve the survival of animals in a dose dependent manner in a lethal sepsis model in an unprecedented way. Aptahem is also investigating a second candidate, Apta-2, for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. The company holds patent protection in strategic target markets and actively seeks business development opportunities with potential collaborators.

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