Personalizing drug development and treatment with live cells

BioMarker Strategies has developed an innovative approach to enable more accurate prediction of patient response to targeted treatments for solid tumors.

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BioMarker Strategies

BioMarker Strategies is a privately-held molecular diagnostics company founded in 2006 at The Johns Hopkins Science & Technology Park in Baltimore, and now based in Rockville, Maryland. Our mission is to help make personalized medicine more of a reality for patients with solid tumor cancers, by providing powerful new molecular tools and research services to guide targeted drug development and treatment selection. We developed our proprietary SnapPath® Cancer Diagnostics System to enable the use of live cells to more accurately predict the response of individual solid tumors to targeted therapies and combinations. SnapPath is unique in automating and standardizing ex vivo analysis of live solid tumor cells from fresh, unfixed tissue samples – and enables the generation of PathMAP® Functional Signaling Profiles. PathMAP Profiles represent a new class of biomarker tests based on the dynamic and functional signaling information available only from live cells. PathMAP profiles are useful in identifying and understanding mechanisms of acquired resistance, and they are highly predictive of individual tumor response to targeted therapies.

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