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The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México’s technology transfer office—Coordinación de Innovación y Desarrollo—provides a one-stop shop for innovation emerging from Mexico. To download the full article, please sign in.

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Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) is the most prestigious and important university in Mexico and Latin America. The national character of UNAM was recognized in 1910, the same year when the Mexican Revolution started, so the development of this university is completely intermingled with Mexico’s modern history. The impact of UNAM in social, economy, political, cultural, artistic and scientific development in Mexico has been enormous and there is not a single area in which UNAM has not and is not participating. Mexico cannot be understood as the country it is, without the participation of UNAM, and it might even be consider the University with greatest impact in any country. The development of several fields of knowledge in Mexico has its origin in UNAM. Furthermore, being UNAM a public university with very reduced fees, it has had a significant impact in social mobility. Furthermore UNAM successfully combines the excellence in education and research, with inclusion of high numbers of students in all levels. At present UNAM teaches 115 undergraduate programs that include 201,206 students, and also 3 programs at high school level with 112,576 students. Postgraduate studies in UNAM are with no doubt the most important system in Mexico that covers all fields of knowledge. The total number of students in this level is 28,018. There are 38,793 members of the academic personal. The contribution of UNAM to scientific research in Mexico is substantial, since it produced 30% of the scientific papers produced in the whole country.

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