Innovative products for CAR T cell manufacturing

Cell-culture and cell-isolation company STEMCELL Technologies is seeking biotech partners to develop its CAR T cell products for clinical use. To download the full article, please sign in.

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STEMCELL Technologies Inc

As Scientists Helping Scientists, STEMCELL Technologies Inc. is committed to providing high¬quality cell culture media, cell isolation products and accessory reagents for life science research. Driven by science and a passion for quality, STEMCELL Technologies provides over 2000 products to more than 80 countries worldwide. Our specialty reagents and instruments are designed to support science along the basic to translational research continuum. STEMCELL Technologies recently launched ImmunoCult™ Human T Cell Activator reagents and ImmunoCult™¬XF T Cell Expansion Medium to support T cell researchers in their goal to develop engineered T cell immunotherapeutics such as chimeric antigen receptor T cells. The products provide significant benefits compared to existing technologies to streamline the T cell research workflow. ImmunoCult™ Human T Cell Activators are highly stable, soluble reagents that elicit robust activation and expansion of T cells. The Activator reagents are optimized for use with the xeno¬ and serum¬free ImmunoCult™¬XF T Cell Expansion Medium. Together, these ImmunoCult™ T cell activation and expansion reagents build on STEMCELL’s existing portfolio of products to support T cell research, including the EasySep™ product line for immunomagnetic isolation of T cells. The new ImmunoCult™ products are currently for research use and STEMCELL is looking for partners to develop them for clinical applications. For more information about ImmunoCult™ Human T Cell Activators and ImmunoCult™¬XF T Cell Expansion Medium, please visit

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