Expanding the search for therapeutic antibodies

Invenra’s new proprietary platform, which combines cell-free protein expression with extreme miniaturization, enables the direct phenotypic interrogation of large numbers of full-length antibodies and their derivatives, empowering the discovery of next-generation biologics. To download the full article, please sign in.

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Invenra Inc

Invenra is a pre-clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company focused on discovering the next generation of best-in-class biologics, with an emphasis on monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), empowered mAbs (bi-specifics, ADCs, etc) and their derivatives. Invenra's proprietary technology combines state of the art libraries and in vitro display methodologies, cell-free expression of full length antibodies and extreme miniaturization, enabling the screening of unprecedented numbers of full length antibodies in direct phenotypic assays. For the first time, all potential antibodies of interest in a library can be screened for biological activity and other desirable traits. Invenra's platform technology will produce the broadest epitope coverage possible and co-optimization of antibody design goals with biological activity resulting in the highest caliber lead therapeutics. Partnering Strategy: Invenra is seeking Partners in areas of strategic interest (de novo discovery, biosuperior discovery, bi-specifics, Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), CAR-T applications). Business Model: Against targets / antigens of interest to our partners, Invenra will provide panels of antibodies meeting mutually agreed design goals and specifications.

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