Streamlining drug discovery in Singapore

Close collaboration between A*STAR’s D3 (Drug Discovery and Development) unit and Experimental Therapeutics Centre accelerates the progress of research on drug candidates from the preclinical stage to proof-of-concept studies in humans. To download the full article, please sign in.

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The Experimental Therapeutics Centre (ETC) is an A*STAR research institute focused on advancing early stage drug discoveries into drug candidates. ETC has a full suite of integrated drug discovery capabilities to identify drug hits and leads, and develop them into preclinical development candidates (PDC). D3 (Drug Discovery & Development), also part of A*STAR, was established in 2012 to build strong bridges between basic science and clinical research and development by bringing early-stage scientific discoveries to ‘proof-of-concept’ clinical trials in humans and generating economic benefit through the licensing of clinical stage therapeutics. Strategically, the close collaboration between D3 and ETC provides a unique solution to bridging the translational gap that exists between basic research on one end and clinical and market development of new drugs on the other end. Singapore’s drug discovery and development community is arguably one of the most competent, experienced and mature in Asia. D3 and ETC provide an integrated approach to translational research and development in Singapore through close relationships with local partners.

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