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Humabody fragments: Small and perfectly formed

Crescendo Biologics is poised to significantly impact the world of antibody therapeutics with the enormous potential of its Humabody technology and its product-discovery and engineering capabilities. To download the full article, please sign in.

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Nov 10, 2015
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Crescendo Biologics

Crescendo Biologics (a biopharmaceutical company based in Cambridge, UK) is discovering and developing potent, highly differentiated Humabody® VH therapeutics in Oncology. By leveraging the advantages of the Humabody format, along with substantial in-house expertise in engineering multispecific products, Crescendo is able to rapidly construct numerous multispecific combinations of Humabody product building blocks in a highly flexible manner. The company is using this to efficiently explore and identify optimal formats for engaging therapeutically valuable targets in a way that is fundamentally different than those using whole antibodies. This approach offers a unique way of unlocking new biology through simultaneous engagement of multiple synergistic pathways. In this way, Crescendo is pursuing novel product opportunities, through both in-house development and strategic partnerships in both multispecific immuno-oncology modulators and HDCs (Humabody Drug Conjugates) and would be delighted to discuss areas of common interest with potential new partners.

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