Accelerating genomics with advanced sample preparation solutions

NuGEN Technologies provides scientists and clinicians with innovative and reliable sample-preparation technologies for targeted genomic analysis and diagnostics. To download the full article, please sign in.

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NuGEN Technologies Inc

NuGEN is a rapidly-growing, privately-held company with innovative products and systems used to prepare biologic samples for targeted genomic analysis. Founded in 2000, NuGEN is at the forefront in providing highly accurate, cost-effective reagent systems that drive new understanding of the molecular basis of life and enable its application in the clinic. NuGEN products are most often used in discovery of novel biomarkers, in drug and diagnostic development, and to help scientists and doctors better understand how to predict, diagnose or treat disease based on a patient’s individual genetic makeup. NuGEN is located in San Carlos, CA. NuGEN provides a broad range of sample preparation products for all sample types but is particularly known for solutions tailored to prepare samples commonly used in clinical research and testing (such as blood, saliva, or tissue) including samples that may be very small, degraded or otherwise challenging. NuGEN also offers unique technology for highly targeted genomic analysis, making it possible to exclude unwanted or redundant genetic information or to select specific biomarkers when using advanced next generation sequencing (NGS) platforms. Such precise targeting allows researchers and clinicians to access and evaluate only the genomic material (RNA/DNA) relevant to the specific question at hand, thus saving time and money. NuGEN’s key proprietary technologies include: Single Primary Enrichment Technology (SPET), Insert Dependent Adaptor Cleavage (InDA-C), and Single Primer Isothermal Amplification (SPIA). These technologies serve as foundations for more than 60 products, which include some of the most accurate, cost-effective and easy-to-use sample preparation tools available.

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