Predicting cardiotoxicity with engineered 3D human cardiac tissue models

Utilizing cloud-based genome informatics to inform next-generation sequencing diagnosis and treatment.

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InvivoSciences, Inc. (IVS) is a developer of award-winning technologies in mass-producing micro engineered tissues and their high-throughput (HTP) phenotype analyzer for drug discovery screening. Before the human trials, our HTP analyzer supports predicting efficacy, safety, and dose of drug candidates. Our lead product, 3D engineered heart tissues (EHTs) can beat more than 6 months in dishes, which makes an ideal choice for identifying cardio-active and cardio-toxic compounds for acute and chronic studies. Using the induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology, our 3D tissue models recapitulate physiological properties of functional heart tissues in healthy and diseased states in patients. Therefore, developers can discover personalized treatments in genetic disorders, and physicians can prioritize therapeutic options. The 3D engineered tissue technology has been applied to various tissue types, including smooth and skeletal muscle, connective tissue, as well as 3D cancer models. IVS is, however, currently focusing to capture the market applying the EHT-based screening platform in academic research, drug discovery, and environmental toxicology. An extensive support by multiple grants and contracts from National Institutes of Health enabled us to integrate cell and tissue engineering, assay automation, computational biologists and medicinal chemistry. We are ready to offer rapid and cost-effective platforms for unprecedented preclinical discovery of therapeutics for the right patient population using patient-specific EHTs. IVS utilizes this unique system to offer contract research services in drug cardiac safety analyses and drug-target analysis for general and inherited cardiac disorders, which is still a significant unmet need.

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