A social responsibility to treat hepatitis C

In line with its mission of making the unaffordable accessible worldwide, Pharco Corporation is tackling Egypt’s hepatitis C epidemic. To download the full article, please sign in.

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Pharco Corporation

Pharco Corporation is a group of pharmaceutical companies the first of which is Pharco Pharmaceuticals that was established in 1982. Pharco has built an outstanding reputation throughout the years and has now become a major player in the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt. Its principal activity consists of discovering, developing, manufacturing, and marketing effective and safe medicines for human and animals utilizing the most advanced technology recognized worldwide and stringent policies to meet both national and international standards. Pharco Corporation is located in Alexandria, Egypt and employs a staff of more than 6600 employees. Current records shows that Pharco Corporation has annual sales value of L.E. 2.57 billion ($330 million) in 2014 comprising 12.9 % of the Egyptian market sales, being the second value-wise and the market leader unit-wise comprising 14.2% volume of the Egyptian market, with ambitious capacity expansion plans due to the steady annual growth that reaches around 8.6% in units and 11.9% in value. Over 8% of sales are generated from export to regional and international markets comprising $ 28 million with plans to increase export sales to more than 30% in the next five years. Pharco Corporation offers a product portfolio that consists of patented, branded and generic pharmaceutical products together with health and nutritional products, which constitutes more than seven hundred products in a variety of dosage forms, which cover most of the therapeutic groups.

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