Histide AG Profile Oct 2015

BioPharma Dealmakers’ profile of Histide AG from October 2015.

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Histide AG

Histide is a Swiss biotech and intellectual property (IP) platform company pioneering a new class of nonmutagenic extracellular therapeutic agents called Cell Recoding Molecules (CRMs). CRMs promote and stimulate cells’ natural capacity to redirect their own fate by integrating extracellular signals. CRMs are at the heart of Histide’s groundbreaking approach to addressing diseases called Recoding Therapeutics, which goes beyond traditional cell-, gene- or RNA-based therapies. This innovative platform builds on Histide’s expertise in the mechanisms underlying cells’ microenvironmental sensing and signal transduction processes. Based in the Zurich metropolitan area, Histide was founded in 2014. Histide has since assembled an experienced management team together with visionary scientists, all committed to providing enhanced therapeutic solutions toward patient healing and quality of life.

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