Looking for allogenic cell-based therapies?

Nutech Mediworld is addressing unmet medical needs including central nervous system disorders and dermatology indications with clinically validated allogenic stem cell therapy.

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NutechMediworld is a clinical-stage company delivering cell-based therapeutic treatments, using ready-to-use products, SCT-N® and SCT-NX®, based on a proprietary stem cell platform, ReoStem™. ReoStem™ is a patent-protected platform encompassing preparation and clinical use methods of a novel class of human allogenic stem cells, premorulastem cells (PMSCs or PM stem cells). PMSCs are derived from a 2- to 3-day stage fertilized ovum, isolated before the formation of the morula. In contrast conventional human embryonic stem cells are isolated from the inner cell mass (ICM or embryoblast) of the blastocyst. Consequently, PMSCs are distinct from every other class of human stem cell currently under investigation or in development for various research and clinical applications. They have a truly elastic pluripotent phenotype and, having been isolated at such an early stage of development, are devoid of epigenetic imprinting and retain an immune-privileged status. NutechMediworld’s regenerative medicine products are universally applicable: they do not require tissue-matching or the co-administration of immune suppression drugs. Moreover, they are safe: there is no evidence of teratoma generation or tumorigenesis associated with SCT-N® or SCT-NX® use in over 15 years of clinical practice in more than 1500 patients

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