Bispecific antibodies and novel immune cell targets for immuno-oncology

ABL Bio’s immuno-oncology programs are addressing the limitations of current checkpoint inhibitors by developing bispecific antibodies and the next generation of checkpoint inhibitors.

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ABL Bio is biotech research company focusing on the development of therapeutic drugs for immuno-oncology & neurodegenerative diseases. 1. Lead Molecule (ABL001): Bispecific antibody targeting VEGF and Dll4 (Phase 1, Q4, 2017) 2. ADC (Antibody Drug Conjugate) projects 3. T cell engaging Bispecific antibody 4. Immunooncology MoAb 5. Immunooncology Bispecific antibody 6. Synuclein targeting antibody with BBB-Crossing Trojan Horse Bispecific Antibody

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