Nuclear-penetrating, DNA-binding antibodies as cancer therapies

Melbourne-based Patrys has developed the Deoxymab platform, a unique technology able to produce antibodies that not only target and penetrate cancer cells, but bind to their DNA and block their repair enzymes, halting further progression.

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Patrys is a Melbourne based company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:PAB). The company’s principal focus is the development of novel antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. Patrys was originally built on a platform to engineer anti-cancer monoclonal antibodies of the IgM isotype and it has out-licensed a number of these technologies. In 2016 the company broadened its portfolio with the in-licensing from Yale University of Deoxymab 3E10, a cell-penetrating anti-DNA antibody for the treatment of cancer. Having engineered a Deoxymab 3E10 variant suitable for human use called PAT-DX1, Patrys is now preparing that product candidate for early-stage clinical work in 2020. Patrys has reported positive pre-clinical results for PAT-DX1 in a number of cancers including glioblastoma and triple negative breast cancer. A follow-on asset in which PAT-DX1 is conjugated to cancer-killing nanoparticles is also in development. The Deoxymab program offers the synthetic lethality of DDR therapeutics such as PARP inhibitors combined with the toxicology advantages of antibody therapeutics and has the potential to markedly improve outcomes for cancer patients.

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