BESTcell: revolutionizing biologics development using high-yield, stable cell lines for research and biomanufacturing

The Antibody Lab’s proprietary cell line development technology enables drug developers to move seamlessly from preclinical discovery to manufacture of the biologic for clinical testing. BESTcell clonal Chinese hamster ovary cell lines can be rapidly generated to enable preclinical testing of multiple biologic drug candidates. After selection of the final candidate, the respective cell line can be used to manufacture master cell banks. This revolutionary approach shortens timelines and reduces the reproducibility risk associated with changing the source of the biologic during research and development.

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The Antibody Lab

The Antibody Lab GmbH is a private biotechnology company with proprietary antibody engineering and protein expression technologies. The company follows a B2B business model, developing immunoassays and preclinical biologics for its partners and customers. The Antibody Lab’s research projects focus on antibodies and vaccines for human and veterinary medicine. The Antibody Lab is financed by its founders and by a revenue stream from existing partnerships with various life science companies. Some of its R&D projects are supported by grants from Austrian (FFG, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, aws) and European public agencies.

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