Melflufen: a potential new treatment backbone for multiple myeloma

Oncopeptides is developing melflufen, a first-in-class peptide-conjugated alkylator for the treatment of relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma. Oncopeptides has attained orphan drug designations in the United States and Europe for melflufen and is preparing it for rapid marketing approval upon completion of an ongoing phase 3 clinical trial. The company is open to potential commercialization partnerships.

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Oncopeptides is a pharmaceutical company developing drugs for the treatment of cancer. The company is focusing on the development of the lead product candidate melflufen, a novel peptide-conjugated alkylator belonging to the class of peptidase enhanced compounds, that works by eliciting increased cytotoxicity in target multiple myeloma (MM) cells and substantially reduced off-target cell toxicity. Melflufen is intended as an effective treatment of hematological cancers, and in particular multiple myeloma. The goal with the current clinical study program is to demonstrate better results from treatment with melflufen compared with established alternative drugs for patients with multiple myeloma. Melflufen will potentially provide physicians with a new treatment option for patients suffering from this serious disease.

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