Elucida Oncology: leading the way in cancer theranostics

Elucida Oncology is developing ultrasmall (<10 nm) hybrid silica particles, C'-Dots, for guiding highly targeted image-directed surgical treatment and/or efficient delivery of small-molecule therapeutic agents and radio therapeutics. The company is actively looking for partners to jointly leverage the C'-Dot platform to explore game-changing opportunities in cancer care management.

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Elucida Oncology

Elucida Oncology, Inc.is a biotechnology company focused on clinical research, development and subsequent commercialization of life-changing products based on the Target or Clear™ technology of our novel, ultra-small nanoparticle delivery platform. Our work is centered around the detection and treatment of primary solid tumor and metastatic cancers. Our goal is to leverage our novel platform to extend and enhance as many lives as we can.

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