Eradicating the seed of cancer drug resistance

TOLREMO therapeutics AG aims to fundamentally change the way modern cancer drugs are used. The company’s resistance-breaking add-on therapies boost the long-term efficacy of existing cancer drugs by inhibiting nongenetic mechanisms of cancer drug resistance.

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TOLREMO therapeutics AG

A majority of all cancer therapies fail because of the development of drug resistance. Over time, tumors acquire complex resistance-causing mutations, that make second- and third-line therapies very inefficient. We identified novel mechanisms that predispose cancer cells to the development of drug resistance before it is genetically and irreversibly manifested. Based on this knowledge, we develop add-on therapies that can be combined with cancer drugs right at the beginning of a therapy to boost its longterm efficacy. Our unique drug resistance platform combines real-world medicine-guided, cutting-edge science with proprietary drug screening modalities and a preclinical validation pipeline. The created medicines are designed to be used alongside diagnostic solutions to ensure that the right patient is treated with the right drug at the right time. Within the short time since foundation (March 2017), we have leveraged our profound understanding of a novel scientific drug resistance framework to develop new chemical matter in two parallel drug discovery and development programs.

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