Pioneering oral delivery for gene therapy

enGene has developed a proprietary nonviral gene delivery platform and Gene Pill technology to deliver orally administered gene therapies to mucosal tissues, creating new opportunities for treating hard-to-reach tissues across many indications.

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enGene Inc. is a biotechnology company developing a proprietary non-viral gene therapy platform for localized delivery of nucleic acid payloads to mucosal tissues. The dually derived chitosan (DDX®) platform has a high-degree of payload flexibility including DNA and various forms of RNA (siRNA, shRNA, lncRNA etc.) with broad tissue and disease applications. In addition to developing gene therapies for mucosal tissues such as the bladder, enGene has developed a unique gut-optimized gene delivery formulation into an orally available Gene Pill™ to provide oral delivery of a wide range of protein drugs. Oral gene delivery is a revolutionary improvement over current protein-drug delivery methods which involve injections and represent risks of side effects, high cost, poor patient compliance and systemic problems due to the need to administer higher doses. The company is evolving its technology to enable treatments of all mucosal tissues such as the lung and eye among others.

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