Avectas: engineering the future of cell therapy

Avectas is developing Solupure, a next-generation cell-engineering tool for ex vivo immune cell therapy.

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Avectas is a cell engineering technology business, enabling the manufacture of cell therapies. Avectas’ technology, Solupore®, delivers advanced molecules such as mRNA, proteins and gene editing tools to a range of primary cell types including T cells for immuno-oncology and gene editing applications. Solupore® utilizes a membrane disruptive approach to rapidly deliver advanced molecules to cells. It is a simple, rapid and gentle process that yields superior engineered cells. Solupore® results in improved cell processing times and cell health relative to viral vectors and electroporation, leading to a more cost-effective manufacturing process. Avectas is currently partnering with immuno-oncology and gene editing businesses to deliver their proprietary molecules. Avectas is also seeking therapeutic molecules to in-license as the core of a therapeutic program.

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