First licensed stem cell therapy for ALS

CORESTEM launched the world’s first stem cell therapy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in South Korea in 2015. The company is now seeking out-licensing partners as it works toward product approvals in the US and Europe.

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CORESTEM is a global stem cell biotechnology company that holds growth, momentum and stability through continuous research and development in the field of stem cell therapy since it established in 2003. We have focused on research and development which was founded by a variety of researchers in the field of biotechnology to develop stem cell therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorder and autoimmune disease. As a results of our efforts, CORESTEM have developed NEURONATA-R inj., a stem cell therapy of Lou Gehrig's disease which is a rare incurable disease, for the first ALS treatment in the world. In addition to the stem cell therapeutics of Lou Gehrig's disease, we have a pipeline of incurable diseases such as lupus, multiple system atrophy and osteoarthritis, and plan to preoccupy the market by focusing on developing therapies for rare incurable diseases based on a development success reference of stem cell therapy for the Lou Gehrig's disease. With understanding the importance of the effect of international collaboration at the cutting-edge of stem cell research, we will progressively expand our global partnership opportunities and increase our positive world impact. Our strategic goal is to be a leading trend in the field of Neurological Disorder and Autoimmune Disease in the Global Stem Cell Market. CORESTEM leads the market in meeting patient expectations beyond national, ethical and economic limitations through ongoing research into intractable diseases.

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