Fortuna Fix: paradigm-shifting autologous cell therapies for neurodegenerative diseases

Fortuna Fix develops ethical, directly reprogrammed neural cell therapeutics manufactured on proprietary platform robotics allowing end-to-end manufacturing at high precision and scale.

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Fortuna Fix

Fortuna Fix is a next-generation regenerative medicine company focused on neuronal repair and regeneration. Our goal is to establish regenerative medicine as a new paradigm of healthcare, bringing real solutions to conditions that cannot be cured by current therapeutic modalities. We are the first in the field of Regenerative Medicine to have developed ethical regenerative medicine solutions that can truly restore functionality in patients following neurotrauma and neurodegeneration. Our patented technology portfolio includes autologous neural precursor cells produced by direct reprogramming (drNPC™) and regenerative implants Regeneration Matrix™ (RMx™) and fully Automated Manufacturing of the drNPC™ (patent pending) for rapid scale-up and production of the drNPC™.

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