Removing the trial-and-error process from depression

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Taliaz is a health analytics startup that uses a unique science-based, data-driven approach to advance treatment of psychiatric disorders. The company has innovated PREDICTIX, a proprietary, artificial-intelligence-based algorithm that analyzes hundreds of genetic, clinical and demographic combinations to help healthcare providers tailor medication to each patient’s unique genetic make-up and health record. Addressing the US$17 billion depression market, its flagship application, PREDICTIX Antidepressant, is a clinical software tool to empower doctors to better treat depression. Already available in the UK and Israel, PREDICTIX may help reduce the often and long and painful trial and error process faced by patients to find the most effective antidepressant. The technology was developed using data from the largest ever prospective study on depression therapies involving thousands of patients, the STAR*D Study. By completing a simple, non-invasive genetic test and proprietary online clinical questionnaire, doctors receive a personalized report with predictive information about antidepressant drugs and which is best suited to patients’ genetic makeup and health record. This helps doctors tailor treatment plans to increase efficacy and avoid side effects, speed up patient recovery and reduce associated health system costs.

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