AlivaMab: integrated therapeutic antibody discovery solutions

Ablexis, LLC and AlivaMab Discovery Services, LLC, offer customized and streamlined solutions for companies and organizations looking to obtain efficacious and derisked therapeutic antibodies.

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Ablexis, LLC and AlivaMab Discovery Services, LLC provide quality, speed and value, delivering unparalleled capabilities in the discovery of human therapeutic antibodies in industry leading timelines. Ablexis created and licenses the AlivaMabTM Mouse, a set of unique, patented transgenic mice strains optimized for antibody drug discovery and development. AlivaMab Mouse is a best-in-class antibody discovery platform that rapidly provides: • More robust immune responses • Better antibody diversity • Larger panels of antibodies with high affinity, potency and specificity • Better drug-like properties for transitioning into and through development Ablexis has established license agreements with dozens of companies, including eight of the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies, public and private biotechnology companies and other entities. Ablexis offers multiple structures and flexibility in its licensing terms to accommodate companies small and large. AlivaMab Discovery Services (ADS) provides comprehensive solutions for therapeutic antibody discovery. Built on our decades of experience in antibody drug discovery, the ADS team has developed a suite of innovative processes that rapidly delivers therapeutic quality antibodies against a variety of targets, including GPCRs. Each customized discovery project plan is based on science and developed in collaboration with the client. ADS delivers antibody candidates that meet or exceed our clients' project goals.

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