PharmAbcine: building a pipeline of oncology antibody therapeutics

Clinical-stage biotech company PharmAbcine is advancing its lead antibody candidate olinvacimab through the clinic, alone and in combination, while developing a portfolio of clinical candidates that target key molecules implicated in oncology, angiogenesis and immune surveillance.

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Since PharmAbcine was established in 2008, we have been committed to developing new anti-cancer antibody drugs. Thus we have established a business foundation of various pipelines, including clinical stage new drug TTAC-0001. We have the vision to become a global biotech company by releasing new global blockbuster by 2020 through continuous growth based on the development of further pipelines. PharmaAbcine has established an innovative technology of development of fully human therapeutic antibodies by utilizing fully human non-immunologic phage display library which has been independently developed.

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