Biomarker analysis: bridging the gap between research and medical practice

MyCartis’s Evalution platform provides multiplex detection of biomarkers ideal for research and analysis. To download the full article, please sign in.

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At MyCartis, people strongly believe in bringing personalized diagnostics to healthcare. To achieve such ambitious goal, disruptive technologies allowing the measurement of syndromic biomarker panels are needed. MyCartis offers such new microfluidic biomarker analysis platform called Evalution, combining exclusive features to serve the research as well as the clinical market. Encoded microparticles layered in a 16-channel microfluidic cartridge form the basis of multiplex assays with demonstrated superior technical and analytical specifications. MyCartis will work with selected partners to bring an exciting biomarker assay portfolio to both the life science and IVD end-user. The Evalution technology now provides researchers the opportunity to easily build custom multiplex assays to study their biomarkers and diagnostic companies to commercialize them on a platform that integrates pre-analytical and detection workflows, all without the need to ever change platform: one technology, from basic biomarker research until IVD application.

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