Defeating cancer with nextgeneration immunotherapies

Gastrointestinal cancers present a huge unmet medical need. Arbele is working to bring cutting-edge immunotherapy to these patients.

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CMO, Arbele

Arbele is a locally grown pharmaceutical biotech focused on immunotherapy of advanced cancers with high mortality rate (such as liver, stomach, pancreas, esophagus, colon and lung). The company is founded by reputable scientists and senior executives from drug/biotech industry and teamed up with experienced professionals in business, accounting, finance and legal. Our motto is to excel patient healthcare through innovation and breakthrough. Our mission is to deliver innovative and cost-effective therapeutics to treat diseases of unmet needs. The company philosophy is founded on 3 pillars: breakthrough innovation, health enhancement and social impact. We are committed to reinvest our knowledge and values into the societies for our next generations in the healthcare industry.

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