Next-generation immunotherapy with native bispecific antibodies

Light Chain Bioscience is leveraging its proprietary bispecific antibody format to advance immune therapies in oncology and beyond

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Lightchain Bio

CEO, Light Chain Bioscience

Multispecific antibodies, including bispecific, can only meet their full potential if they are well tolerated by the human body. As such, Light Chain Bioscience has taken advantage of the unique features of human antibody light chains and developed an approach to generate bispecific antibodies that retain the full human sequence and architecture of human antibodies. This format, therefore, is ideally suited for therapeutic application, in particular if prolonged administration to patients is required. Our expertise in bispecific antibodies for CD47 targeting is leading the field in approaches to selectively and safely target the immune checkpoint to the tumor microenvironment. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with partners enticed by the use of multipsecific antibody approaches for cancer, including T cell retargeting, as well as other approaches outside oncology.

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