WellMarker Bio—developing fit-for-purpose biomarkers and novel therapies for cancer

Seoul-based WellMarker Bio is developing a deep pipeline of first-in-class drugs guided by comprehensive biomarker analysis.

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WellMarker Bio

BD Team Leader, Wellmarker Bio

Wellmaker Bio is a spin-off company from Seoul Asan Medical Centre (AMC), which is the largest and most renowned hospital in the Republic of Korea. We specialize in developing predictive biomarkets and first-in-class drugs through profound research know-hows and clinical information from AMC. We strive to bring a better outcome to patients and contribute to the healthy life of a mankind through 'New Drug Development Research Institute' that is comprised of bio-research center, medicinal chemistry research center, cmc center and clinical development center. See more: http://www.wmbio.co/en/about/company.php

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