Designing conditionally activated immune stimulators that attack cancer cells

Using its proprietary PREDATOR protein engineering platform, Werewolf designs biotherapeutics that are systemically delivered and activated selectively in the tumor microenvironment to recruit a powerful antitumor immune response.

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Werewolf Therapeutics

At Werewolf Therapeutics, we are unleashing the power of proinflammatory immune modulators to develop next-generation, transformative cancer therapeutics. We are focused on advancing a novel class of conditionally activated proinflammatory immune modulators. These molecules are designed to act selectively within the tumor microenvironment and recruit a powerful anti-tumor immune response to deliver a clinically meaningful impact for patients. In contrast to the modulation of immune ‘OFF’ switches such as checkpoint inhibitors, systemic therapy with proinflammatory immune modulators requires exceptional control of delivery, tissue distribution and ultimately, activation to avoid normal tissue inflammation and organ toxicity. In the past, it has been challenging to develop these agents with the appropriate pharmaceutical properties and without off-tissue toxicities.

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