Breaking resistance one antibiotic at a time

Helperby’s antibiotic-resistance breakers are a powerful tool serving to prolong and boost antibiotic efficacy and should help counter the growing global crisis of antibiotic resistance. To download the full article, please sign in.

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Helperby Therapeutics Ltd

Helperby Therapeutics (Helperby) is a pharmaceutical Research and Development (R&D) company that has been established to commercialise the scientific breakthroughs of Professor Anthony Coates and his team achieved during 25 years of successful research in academia. Helperby has invented a novel patented screening platform to select compounds which are active against multi-drug resistant bacteria. These compounds have been shown to enhance the effect of existing antibiotics which are failing to kill resistant bacteria. Helperby’s enhancers can rejuvenate and extend the life of these otherwise obsolete antibiotics. Helperby has taken one of these compounds into clinical trials. Since the 1940’s almost all antibiotics discovery has basically used the same approach as the one pioneered by Professor Alexander Fleming. He brought us Penicillin and since then many new classes of antibiotics have been developed using his method but since the 1970’s only three new classes of antibiotics have been discovered. Antibiotics differ from many other therapeutics in the sense that they lose their effectiveness over time due to the development of resistance. This has meant that many antibiotics have come and gone over the last 50 years and new ones are constantly needed.

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