University of Manchester: a partner of choice

How scale and a translational ethos enable effective collaborations. To download the full article, please sign in.

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University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is the UK's largest single-site university. We possess a ‘can-do’ attitude to undertake multidisciplinary research through collaborations with partners worldwide to tackle some of society's most pressing problems. We seek collaborations ranging from discrete pieces of work employing skills and technology available within the university, to large scale, strategic research partnerships focused on addressing jointly important challenges in the biomedical sciences. Whatever the scope and scale of the collaboration, the University seeks to deliver important benefits to our partners. This gives us the opportunity to make sure that our research outputs and our know-how can be exploited effectively for wealth creation and improved healthcare. The University's aim is to be the partner of choice for companies seeking academic collaborations in biomedical sciences. Whatever the relationship, there is a focus on well- managed, quick, and fair negotiations to lessen the barriers between the university and industrial partners. For The University of Manchester, the collaborations enabled by this way of working are about more than securing a revenue stream—they are central to how the university defines itself and its relationship with the wider world.

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