Discovering orally delivered, gut-restricted entities

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Sensor Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Sensor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. utilizes a capital efficient, outsourced operational model and is focused on discovering orally delivered, gut-restricted entities, recognizing gut-expressed molecular targets. The selected targets influence "normalization" of human gut-microbiota and the pharmacology they impact positions them at the nexus of metabolic disease, GI cancers, and CNS behavioral disorders. The underlying link to these diverse disease states is an inflammatory dysfunction. Thus, all the molecular targets Sensor selects ultimately affect an aspect of inflammation. Recent publications, including Sensor-proprietary biological data, support the notion the underlying inflammatory dysfunction affecting metabolic disease is also the underlying causation for a number of human GI-cancers and CNS disorders. The potential advantage of the approach is enhanced safety. The potential for enhanced safety is a consequence of minimal exposure of the pharmacological agent, or its metabolites, to cells, tissues and organs/organ systems unrelated to disease treatment. Sensor IP contains the gut-restriction drug discovery platform and the therapeutic agents produced by application of the platform. Several agents resulting from application of the discovery platform demonstrate in vitro functional activity versus nutrient sensing molecular targets and in vivo efficacy in generally accepted animal models of human disease.

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