A new era of cell therapies for intractable diseases

Biotech company Cellatoz Therapeutics is developing innovative cell therapies by applying its proprietary cells, known as A-to-Z cells to multiple therapeutic areas. The company is now looking for partners to develop the therapies further.

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Cellatoz Therapeutics

CFO, Cellatoz

Cellatoz Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotech company developing innovative RMAT(regenerative medicine advanced therapy) programs and was established in August 2017 to develop innovative cell therapies aimed at solving unmet medical needs of intractable diseases and serious medical conditions such as spinal cord injuries, severe complex fractures in old ages and so on. The company was founded by top-notch R&D experts experiencing successful commercialization of cell therapy products in Korea and we have worked at developments of novel and unique cell therapy programs with strong capabilities in translational research and product development.

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