Atriva Therapeutics: transforming antiviral therapies

By acting directly on human cell machinery, Atriva Therapeutics’ lead candidate antiviral ATR-002 combines several advantages over existing therapies and could combat respiratory diseases such as influenza and COVID-19.

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Atriva Therapeutics

ATRIVA is changing the philosophy and strategy of antiviral drug development. Instead of targeting the virus directly, the ATRIVA compound are directed against a cellular factor of the host cell. In order to ensure efficient replication, the virus needs to activate this factor. ATRIVA lead compound ATR-002 prevent the virus-induced activation of the cellular factor and consequently viral replication. ATRIVA aims to develop antiviral medications for different indications and viral infections. The most advanced lead indication is Influenza in patients at risk for developing severe complications due to comorbidities. Please see below a graph showing the current pipeline projects of ATRIVA. The target indication for our lead compound ATR-002, is represented by “Influenza in high-risk patients”. Annual vaccination continues to be the prime prophylaxis against seasonal influenza outbreaks: According to the WHO, only a minority of the population is effectively protected!

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