Nanoparticle siRNA therapies halting metastasis

When primary tumors turn metastatic, prognoses become poor and survival time drastically shortens even with the best available therapies, including new immunotherapies.

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Antapodia Nanotherapeutics

Cofounder, Antapodia Nanotherapeutics

A science-driven and developmental-stage biopharmaceutical company providing breakthrough solutions for treating aggressive solid tumors. The company was founded by former top executives of Genentech and Roche and its SAB is formed by leading scientists from Toronto, Harvard, and Israel’s Technion. The company owns several proprietary therapeutic targets in the invadopodia (a.k.a. cellular feet) of cancer cells, which are the driving force of invasive growth and metastasis. These “Master Invadopodia Regulators (MIRs)” exist exclusively in cancer cells, making them ideal and safe therapeutic targets. The company develops first-in-class invadopodia- and MIR-targeted siRNA therapies based on tissue-specific lipid nanoparticles as well as neutralizing antibodies that show dramatic anti-tumor and anti-metastasis efficacy in more than 10 models of different types of aggressive and metastatic cancers, which hold great promises to further developing market-disruptive cancer therapeutics and provide immense clinical and commercial opportunities.

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