Regenerative medicine cells to fight infectious diseases

MiCAN Technologies has developed Mylc cells, human myeloid lineage cells for use in the study of infectious diseases caused by viruses. The company is also developing a human red blood-like cell product. It is hoped that, together, these products will accelerate vaccine and drug development globally

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MICAN is an IT Development and Consulting Firm providing Professional Services and Solutions to Fortune 500 customers nationwide in various industries including: Financial Services, Telecommunications & Utilities, Health Care, Insurance, and Manufacturing. MICAN was founded on the principle that success is derived from delivering high quality service while being responsible, flexible, and innovative. MICAN invests in people and resources with a single goal: To provide our customers with the highest quality service in the most responsive manner. Nationwide presence helps MICAN support clients with multiple locations. We help organizations operate more productively; improve profitability, top-line growth, customer service and cost management by providing: Full Range of Specialized Staffing Services and Solutions including: • Managed Resources, Individual Consulting, Contract to Hire, Payroll Services and On-Site Management. Through its network of offices, MICAN provides the resources to help clients maintain their competitive advantage. Our complete line of staffing services offer high-level professionals with the skills our clients require in various areas including: • Information Technology • Finance/Accounting • Digital Interactive Design • Administrative/Clerical • Customer Service • Healthcare (Clinical and Non-Clinical)

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