Using one-step DNA assembly to create designer DNA

Japanese company Synplogen uses technology based on over a decade of academic research to design and manufacture long and complex sequences of synthetic DNA. The company is also engaged in novel drug discovery and R&D of gene and cell therapies.

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Associate Director, Synplogen

By the year 2030, production utilizing biotechnology is expected to comprise 2.7% of global gross domestic product, an amount valued at approximately 1.7 trillion USD. This trend is not limited to the medical and food industries, however―the use of biotechnology is anticipated to become commonplace in manufacturing and energy production as well. As mankind faces a plethora of environmental problems and critical issues of a global scale, biotechnology is poised to make enormous contributions towards humanity’s shared future. Thanks to recent advances in synthetic biology, the age is fast approaching where mankind can―through the synthesis of DNA―engineer an unlimited number of biological mechanisms. At the core of synthetic biology is the ability to “read” and “write” DNA, which encodes the information by which biological processes take place. By utilizing Synplogen’s proprietary gene synthesis process, we hope to contribute to the richer future promised by synthetic biology and biotechnology.

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