Date of version: 21 October 2015

Companies may have an account on the BioPharma Dealmakers website (the "Website"), subject to agreeing a contract with Nature Publishing Group. Depending on their tier of sponsorship, the individual(s) managing that account may be entitled to do any of all of the following on behalf of the Company:

  • View all posts, videos and profiles on the Website, including Premium Content
  • Appear on the relevant Company directory page
  • Create and update the text and logo on the Company’s profile pages
  • Add an introduction video to the Company’s profile pages
  • Add a slide deck to the Company’s profile pages
  • Publish posts and videos to appear on the Company’s profile pages
  • Take part in video panels if invited
  • Initiate and record video panels
  • View analytics related to the Company's profile and content
  • Upvote posts, videos and profiles created by Companies and BioPharma Dealmakers Editors
  • Share posts, videos and profiles via social media
  • Follow Companies and BioPharma Dealmakers Editors to be alerted to new content as they create it
  • Be followed by Companies, Editors and Members
  • Send direct messages to Companies, Editors and Members
  • Invite individuals to create a Member account

All content published by Companies will be marked as sponsored content and feature a badge that indicates their level of sponsorship: Networker, Associate or Leader, as appropriate.

Please note that the company profile PDFs published in the BioPharma Dealmakers magazine should only be added to a company's profile page by the BioPharma Dealmakers team.

Any individual administering a Company’s account must ensure they comply with BioPharma DealmakersEditorial Policy. Any content published by Companies may be removed in accordance with the Editorial Policy.

Company contributions: what we want to see

The Website is designed to bring together life sciences companies and individuals looking to identify and attract partners and dealmaking opportunities.

Companies with profiles on the Website should include in their profile relevant Company information such as their Company description, the therapy areas in which they are active, their products and their partnering strategy.

Depending on their sponsorship tier, some Companies will be allowed to publish up to 8 posts or videos a month on the Website. In these posts and videos, Companies should publish useful, interesting and engaging information in order to attract new and returning participants.

Examples of suitable topics to cover include recent Company developments, (e.g. via press releases), new product launches, interesting company facts, or specific callouts for new partners or opportunities. Demonstration of expertise in specific areas is also welcomed, for example through ‘thought leadership’ pieces.

Companies’ content should help to ensure an active, dynamic and informative feel to the Website and should encourage dialogue between potential partners.

Also see our Top Tips for Companies to help you make the most of your BioPharma Dealmakers profile and presence.

Company contributions: what we don’t want to see

Companies should only publish information relevant to a life sciences audience interested in dealmaking.

Large amounts of technical product- / technology-related information e.g. clinical trial details, toxicity data and the like should not be included on the Website. Instead, brief details of potential or existing products / technologies and contact details for those requiring further information should be provided.

The Website is not intended for excessive amounts of any kind information, no matter what its subject. Do feel free to link to more comprehensive information elsewhere, however, (in accordance with the Editorial Policy).


Companies and Members can comment on all posts and videos published by BioPharma Dealmakers Editors on the Website, indeed we encourage commenting as a valuable way of showing expertise or interest in a subject and making the Website an active, dynamic place.

By default, content created by Companies cannot be commented on but if your company would like to invite comments on a post or video you have created, please contact the BioPharma Dealmakers team, who can enable the commenting function.